In 2021, we took advantage of the media shift occurring in the TV marketplace and invested in Connected TV (aka streaming TV) to reach incremental households. We utilized geofence targeting capabilities to hand-draw polygons around U.S. grocery retailers where our client has distribution and then served them Connected TV ads when they returned to their household enticing them to buy Jardines salsa the next time they visited the grocery store. We also worked with creative partner BrandCory to ensure our messaging was correct for this tactic, not simply repurposing past video creative, and ensuring it was right for the platform technically and visually.


Our “audience first” strategy was very effective. We were able to layer on frequency capping and provide agility with our ability to optimize the campaign while it was live as we received results. Adding this tactic to the Jardines Salsa marketing mix allowed for household penetration, frequency management, reduced wasted impressions, and maximum impact.


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