Core Services

The meat and potatoes

SparkFarm offers a comprehensive set of services, pulled together in the right mix for each project. We’ve honed our craft, with each of us having more than 15 years of experience gained at blue chip companies, ad agencies, and nonprofits. This means clients are guaranteed to work with tenured marketers, benefiting from short ramp-up times. And, by partnering closely with our clients, we’re able to offer only services that they need – bundled together or à la carte – to net the best results.

Marketing Strategy

SparkFarm starts with a deep dive into your brand. We review your business plans, category research, target audience profiles, competitors, current messaging, and past coverage. After this initial learning phase, we meet with you to get to know your goals and pain points, and glean additional insights. Armed with this knowledge, we develop a strategic plan aligned with your priorities and designed to overcome your barriers.

Public Relations

Public relations is translating a brand’s story for press. SparkFarm unearths a unique and meaningful narrative and makes sure the right people hear it at the right time. It’s a sixth sense we’ve honed over the years and is what has helped us form strong professional and personal relationships on local and national levels. Relationships like these can often help get your brand’s message heard and shared, creating a multiplier effect. This is PR at its best. And when things go awry, as they sometimes do for brands, we are here to help you manage it through our crisis communication planning and support.

Media Planning + Buying

At SparkFarm we put our media knowledge and negotiating expertise to work for you, helping you reach your target audience. We do this in the most cost-effective way, with the most added-value possible. We’re media agnostic, so whether it’s through offline media like print, broadcast, outdoor, or digital media such as display, paid social ads, geo-fencing, gamification, search, or influencers, we create the right menu of media that makes the most sense for your brand.

And, since we don’t make commissions on your media spend, you can be sure our recommendations are based solely on effectiveness. We see media plans as living things that we tweak and evolve as results emerge.

Social Media

SparkFarm stays on top of the constantly evolving social media landscape to ensure our clients stay relevant. Whether organic social, influencer marketing campaigns, or paid ads on social media, we work closely with you to create, optimize, and scale your campaigns. The goals of our social media campaigns go deeper than number of posts, likes or shares – they’re created to get tangible results. From social strategy and target audience research to pixel implementation and daily campaign optimization, we harness the power of social media for your brand.

Support Services

Rounding out the menu

From coordinating an effective brand strategy to rolling out a responsive website, there are additional specialties that go with our core services. We offer some of these in-house, but we can also engage with our trusted stable of collaborators – some of the best in the industry – and work seamlessly with them and our clients. These resources include:

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