AMLI Fountain Place is the sibling tower to the original Dallas-skyline-defining Fountain Place tower, both of which were visions of Harry Cobb of then-IM Pei & Associates. The tower’s highly anticipated opening and our accompanying experiential grand opening plans steeped in news hooks were in motion, then canceled due to COVID-19. In-person events and our work was paused, but construction continued and AMLI Fountain Place began leasing during the pandemic. Months after AMLI Fountain Place began leasing, we were re-engaged, but news hooks had all but evaporated.


We shifted our pre-COVID earned media PR approach to combine earned media, paid-earned, and influencer marketing strategies that built buzz and supported lease-ups. Sponsored and editorial content ran in leading lifestyle magazines and blogs while influencers toured and stayed in the guest suite to blog and post about their experience at AMLI Fountain Place.


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