our philosophy

SparkFarm is a marketing collaborative that subscribes to the theory that we are better together – a philosophy that extends to how we partner with our clients and collaborating agencies. Staffing plans are not a mile long, but rather include senior-level marketers who could choose to work at any agency, but who instead choose to embrace the SparkFarm model and mindset.

We are whole-business thinkers with expertise in specialized disciplines derived from years of experience as clients, marketers, and entrepreneurs. We reject the notion of one-size-fits-all plans and instead build custom recommendations and teams for our clients. We offer our capabilities a la carte, including public relations, media planning and buying, and digital strategy. If the job requires something else, like branding, research, or creative, the agency draws upon its trusted network of collaborators to broaden the team.

But the one thing that most sets us apart is how we define the work day. It starts with the fact that we’re humans taking care of our families and communities. We have kids who get sick and who really, really want to play soccer or go to Brownies after school. We live in cities with neighborhoods, schools and nearby families that need the extra hand we want to extend. By backing each other up at work, tapping collaborators outside of our core team, and appropriately weaving work and life, we focus on the two things we love most: work AND family.